Have Some Boozy Milkshakes When You Brunch At Mr & Mrs Maxwell

Adult milkshakes and delightful brunch items are reasons why you should pay them a visit

By Samantha Francis


Watch as the chef flambés your Crepe Suzette at the live station.


The establishment of Mr & Mrs Maxwell is no secret to the denizens of Chinatown’s hippest enclave, Ann Siang Hill. I was glad to have finally discovered this cosy hideaway.



The pretty Avocado Toast comprises mashed avocado, feta cheese and poached egg nestled on home-made charcoal bread.

Cosy, Classy Abode

Located at the lobby of The Club, Mr & Mrs Maxwell is housed in a 19th century colonial buildinga café and serves all-day brunch.

With a charming collection of curios and artwork surrounding plush sofa seats, this inviting space evokes an ambience that is upscale, yet highly-comfortable.

In Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s new menu, you’ll find plenty of well-loved brunch favourites from the abode of the well-travelled, albeit fictional, couple.



Classic Brunch Done Well

Comforting classics such as the English Fry Up ($18) of sunny side-up eggs, grilled sausages, bacon and sautéed mushrooms with homemade brioche will appeal to fans of hearty breakfast sets. Having had my share of fancy brunches, I appreciate simple yet well-executed dishes. The Lobster Omelette ($16) definitely fit that bill for something simple yet moreish.

The omelette, served on toasted sourdough, was soft and moist with chunks of sweet lobster flesh hidden within. It was indulgent without overwhelming the taste buds.

To awaken your appetite on a lazy morning, order the Corned Beef Hash ($16) — a combination of corned beef and potatoes — sandwiched between warm, toasted panini and topped with a sunny side up egg. This could be the perfect hangover cure with its salty and meaty flavours.

The Corned Beef Hash could have ended up a big mess but it was held together nicely by the melted cheese, which certainly enhanced the flavours.



The Vodka Peanut Butter was presented in a soda fountain glass and topped with a pretty striped straw.

Alcohol-infused milkshakes

The revamped menu also introduces a new line-up of beverage creations, which includes Adult Shakes.

As the name might imply, they are alcohol-infused milkshakes, which are great for washing down a greasy brunch, or if you’re simply up for a breakfast with a bit more kick.

I tried the Vodka Peanut Butter ($16) milkshake, which was presented in a tall soda fountain glass and topped with a pretty striped straw. The vodka and peanut butter combination was unusual yet enjoyable but, overall, wasn’t as ‘spirited’ as I’d hoped for it to be. Nonetheless, it did hit the right notes for a smooth-textured, creamy and sweet beverage.

While Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s new items on the menu were nothing extraordinary, they achieved what they had set out to do — make diners feel right at home.
Mr & Mrs Maxwell, The Club, 28 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069708, Tel: 6808 2181


A version of this article appeared in the print edition of Weekender, Issue 149, April 1 – April 14, 2016, with the headline ‘Right at home with Mr & Mrs Maxwell’.