Over the top with jumbo burgers and wings

Sampler Trio wings

Take in the Orchard Road skyline while munching on American fast food

Orchard Central has a Level 11? That’s the reaction I got from some my friends when I mentioned I was heading to Burgers vs Wings (BWB), which was located on the higher-level enclave of Orchard Central.

Serving hearty American fare at reasonable prices, this makes BWB a great spot for students and working adults on a budget. Inspired by the TV show “Man v. Food”, the outlet adopts a creative concept: a wrestling and knockout theme where items on the menu fight it out until one emerges the winner.

Round One, Fight

BWB serves – you got it! – burgers and chicken wings, but also has a tapas-and-dessert buffet with a top up ($3+ to $7.90+). The tapas range from garden salads, soup of the day, onsen egg and more should you feel peckish.

The burger is definitely a winner for me. I liked the Wagyu Beef Black ($28+), a US Wagyu beef patty with avocado, beer battered onion rings, streaky bacon, tomato, wild rocket leaves, smoked cheddar, barbecue sauce, truffle jam in between apillowy bamboo charcoal brioche bun.

#76_food_TYSON-peanut-butter-burger-(2)The signature Tyson Peanut Butter Burger ($21.90+) made with stockyard angus beef, streaky bacon, arugula, creamy peanut butter topped with a sunny-side egg, cheddar cheese on a sundried tomato bun sounds both odd and delicious at the same time.

However, for me the peanutbutter burger just tasted like a satay burger with peanut sauce.

If you dislike heavy meat patty, opt for the Pumpkin Crispy Rice Cake Burger Benedict ($16.90+).

Burgers 1, Wings 0#76_food_Sexy-Flambé-jambalayz-stuffed-Wings-2

The Hot Buffalo Wings ($15.80+) look deceptively mild but the spice kicks you in the mouth right after. The Mozzarella Jumbo Wings($14.80+) would be an interesting dish as the wings are filled with mozzarella that oozes on first bite, but is a little underwhelming on taste.

There are many combo plattersto pick from to maximise value for money for the chicken wings and burgers that come with a side of mixed fries. The desserts on the buffet line are created by the chef, and feature small portions of Peanut Butter Panna Cotta, Green Tea and Adzuki Bean Swiss Roll and Cheesecake.

Burgers vs Wings (BWB),
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #11-03/04, Singapore 238896, Tel: 6634 0423