Get food from MasterChef Australia

Sun dried tomato, mushrooms and cream cheese pasta by Amina
Sun dried tomato, mushrooms and cream cheese pasta by Amina
Sun dried tomato, mushrooms and cream cheese pasta by Amina

If you love interesting food or watching MasterChef, make sure you get these before they’re gone

Weekender was privileged to have food from MasterChef Australia delivered to us for lunch.

The latest season of MasterChef Australia is now running on Lifetime, on weekdays at 7pm and 11pm.

Interesting MasterChef Dishes

We ordered the Tandoori Fried Chicken with tangy tamarind sauce by Rishi Desai, as well as the 50/50 Turkey Bacon Beef Burger with lettuce, gherkins, grilled onions and cherry tomatoes by Vern Fitzgerald.

Another option available was the Grilled Snapper with Bamboo Shoot Linguine by Jules Allen and Daniel Kelty.

The dessert was Banana Cream Tart with butterscotch sauce and butter roasted nuts by Vern Fitzgerald.

Tandoori Treat

The Tandoori Fried Chicken tasted especially fantastic. Unlike most Tandoori Chicken, it was breaded and fried. This gave it a lovely crispy texture on the outside, while remaining tender on the inside.

The flavours of the Tandoori Chicken were robust and burst forth once we bit into it. The palate can easily detect the tasty spices in the seasoning. The tangy tamarind sauce on the side had a unique and zesty taste, and complemented the chicken well.

The dish was only lightly spicy, so it is suitable for most palates. We were also pleased with the portion, which we felt was quite generous.

In comparison, the 50/50 Turkey Bacon Beef Burger was fairly good, but we did not find it as spectacular as the chicken. Like the chicken, the dessert was lovely.

Available Until Jan 6

Food for Thought did a great job of producing these dishes from MasterChef Australia. To get your share, head to one of the Food for Thought outlets. These dishes are available until Jan 6, 2014.

MasterChef Australia Season 5 runs until Jan 6, 2014, on Lifetime, StarHub Ch 514, weekdays at 7pm & 11pm. Visit for more on the food available and the outlets.