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Fresh and healthy sandwiches from Foodology Fresh
Fresh and healthy sandwiches from Foodology Fresh
Fresh and healthy sandwiches from Foodology Fresh

Foodology’s new outlet has opened at URA Centre for a healthier lunch for you

People working in the Maxwell area, you now have a healthier alternative available apart from the usually crowded and usually oily food from the famous Maxwell Market.

Located right opposite Maxwell Market in the URA Centre is Foodology Fresh. You may be familiar with its other outlet, Foodology, at Marina Bay Financial Centre. The outlet at URA Centre takes pride in offering healthier options for breakfast and lunch.

Group Executive Chef Micail Chepi says, “While the concept is one that emphasises on efficiency, there is no compromise on the level of satisfaction that each dish brings. The efficiency of the concept means that as customers consume items faster, we continue to keep our commitment to serving food prepared fresh daily.”

Taste Tested

Targeted at health-savvy executives working in the vicinity, the menu caters to specific dietary requirements such as gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian as well as trans-fat free and sugar-free diets. Set meals at Foodology Fresh start at $9.90 and diners can choose from a combination of a main course, side item or dessert and a drink.

We like their Roma Tomato Soup ($4) best. It is creamy, thick and tangy and packed with flavour as a side soup. If you prefer a salad, try the vegetarian Green Lentil Salad ($7.80) or the Chicken Caesar Salad ($7.80) for that added crunch and serving of vegetables to complete your meal.

For a more solid carbohydrate main, we loved the Curried Chicken Wrap ($8.50); the tender chicken breast was juicy and lightly seasoned with curry powder and is also chock full of fresh vegetables, making each bite a satisfying one.

Also try the Turkey & Blue Cheese Wrap ($8.80). It doesn’t have a strong scent, we promise. There is also an assortment of sandwiches available.

Pastries and Desserts

Apart from that, they also do a number quiches and tarts. The Truffle Mushroom Quiche ($4.80) is a shoo-in for us, filled with chunky mushrooms with a hint of truffle oil for added fragrance. Also available is Smoked Salmon & Spring Onion Quiche ($4.80), and Quiche Lorraine ($4.80).

Satisfy your sweet tooth with their Pecan Walnut Tart ($5.30). The nutty and caramelised filling and the crumbly tart shell gave us a lovely end to the meal. There are also smaller desserts such as Green Tea Panna Cotta ($3.80), Tiramisu ($3.80) and an Almond Bar ($2.80).

Why not get a wholesome and flavourful meal for lunch to switch things up?

Foodology Fresh, 45 Maxwell Road, The URA Centre, #01-02, Singapore 069118, Tel: 6223 9724, open 8am-6pm