Fancy $10 hotdogs?

The Hawt Dog


Newly-opened gourmet hotdog stand The Mustard Incident serves its own unique hotdogs

By Cheryl Chia

Unlike many hotdog stands, you don’t have to wonder what goes into the sausages at The Mustard Incident, a new hotdog stand that opened just about a month ago at Tangs Orchard, Basement One.

Founders Kelly Koh and Willie Sng believe in high-quality meat. Thus, all of the sausages are tweaked to certain specifications at a local butchery with quality cuts of beef and pork.

They also source their hotdog buns locally, from an artisan bakery.

Things Will Get Messy

The Mustard Incident only has standing room, mimicking the typical hotdog stands in the USA. Cheeky shots of their patrons litter the mural as a little Wall of Fame, or infamy, depending of your position with the said hotdog.

The hotdogs here are stuffed almost to the brim with condiments and toppings, making it a value-for- money purchase. We liked the Duck Can Fit ($10), a duck sausage with their garlicky sauce, stewed peppers and topped with crispy bacon.

The garlicky sauce and stewed pepper cut through the salty hotdog, and the crispy bacon added to the smoky aroma.

We also loved their classic Coney Dog ($9); a pork sausage smothered with their bean-less chilli, garlicky sauce and chopped onions.

Please don’t ask them if the chilli is spicy. This is “ang moh chilli” with minced meat, which means it is not spicy at all.

The Hawt Dog
The Hawt Dog

Some Like It Hot

Chilli fiends, and we are referring to the spicy variety, can enjoy the Hawt Dog ($9), a spicy pork sausage covered in hot sauce with tomato and onion relish. It packs quite a wallop.

If you are having trouble deciding between pork or beef sausage, try The Frankenstein ($10) on for size. This ‘mutant’ dog is split right down the middle and is half pork and half beef.

It is wrapped with streaky bacon and covered in hot sauce, bean-less chilli and sautéed onions. Have fun trying to eat this hotdog without making a mess.

Throw your veneer of politeness out the window and get hands-on at The Mustard Incident.

The Mustard Incident, 310 Orchard Road, Tangs Orchard Basement 1, Singapore 238864