Cove Stadium revs up for F1

Are you ready for F1? Cove Stadium sure are – packing a live screening and good food to boot.

We hopped over to Cove Stadium when we heard about their special F1 menu.

The choices between their newest F1 meal, only available for a limited time

Of burgers, hot dogs and pizza

I have always been a fan of western food, so I ordered their mains without thinking. What I did not expect was the generous serving. You probably can’t tell, but the hot dog is almost double of my cutlery’s length. So very sinful!

My favourite of the three would have to be the Alonso Burger. The beef was very juicy and well done. I liked the melted cheese oozing out at the sides and the light tomato sauce that complemented it. The buns were lightly toasted and delightfully crunchy.

The Hamilton hot dog was too big a portion for me personally so after a while it gets a little tiring but it would be a perfect dish for two to share.

The Rosberg Pizza is a delightful splash of colors and ingredients. I love how additionally cheesy it is.



No foul for their Red Flag Strawberry mocktail

For both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic

I am not a fan of pairing food with cocktails, I like to savour them separately. So it was timely when my mocktail came. It was a good combination with my meal, being light and non-alcoholic.

I know their Mimosa cocktail is stealing the show but check out the view

A toast to grand things

Now the Mimosa may look very girlish here but it is actually pretty potent. I would love to have this while I enjoy the sea breeze. Cove Stadium happens to be right beside the Sentosa sea and it is breathtaking. I managed to catch glimpses of a couple taking their wedding shots there! That is how picture perfect it is.

The view is truly perfect for wine and dining.

Promotions: Cove Stadium will be offering $45nett value meals and F1 live screening this weekend and a buket of Singha gets you a free gorgeous F1 tee shirt.

Address: 31 Ocean Way, 098375, Sentosa Cove

By Nicole Lee