#ThirstyThursday: Get Boozed Up On Playful Peranakan-Inspired Cocktails At Bee Bee’s

This new watering hole is unapologetically cheeky with its edgy vibe and drink offerings

Is it still immature for a grown adult to be tickled by the phrase: Anal sex?

While no one was in stitches, we still clutched our pearls and giggled like school girls when the wall-scratching of “KEEP CALM & COCKTAIL ANAL SEX” greeted us upon entering Boat Quay's newest bar.

From the brothers behind affordable Taiwanese diner FIVE-TEN, Bee Bee's is hidden in a second-floor space of a nondescript shophouse, where one may easily miss out if not for the namesake signboard that beckons with its yellow neon glares. Exuding character with its industrial-esque furniture and graffiti art-filled walls, the watering hole is a place to let your hair down in the good company of food, spirits and friends. Plus, the music playlist is sick.

Having chatted with bartender-owner Bryan Kishore, we learnt Bee Bee's was named after his Peranakan mother, who, ironically, disapproved of her son's venture.

Owner & bartender Bryan Kishore with his favourite cocktail, Sorry Not Sorry 

So is Kishore's act one of rebellion? Nah, more like a gesture of love if you asked us.

Spices are a major influence to Bee Bee's potent pours, where customers will get to taste a flavourful mix of both Peranakan and Tiki cultures. But best of all, drinks are very affordable, with the priciest cocktail going at just $15!

Alongside three food items of tomato and burrata bruschetta ($6), tuna tartare bruschetta ($7) and pork belly rice bowl ($8), here are three bespoke cocktails you can expect at Bee Bee's:

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Respite, $15

Fancy a boozy knock-out? Look to the Respite that is presented in an adorable fist-shaped mug. The innocent-looking nightcap beckons with its comforting flavours of chocolate bitters, mixed with the potency of bourbon, crème de cassis and rosso. You’ll taste the chocolate bitters at first sip, before the blend of spirits hits you out of nowhere like a sucker punch.

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