#ThirstyThursday: 5 Spirits Worth A Try To Keep Spirits Up

A temporary solution if ever Debbie Downer strikes

We're living in the golden age of booze, where all sorts of intoxicating spirits seem to pop up like ERP gantries in Singapore. For your ease, here's our quick guide to more happening liquours to try this month. Some are old, while others are new. But all in all,  these spirits will surely keep you high and happy for days to come.

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Photo: Bruichladdich

2. The Classic Laddie by Bruichladdich, $122

The sunlight-hued single malt scotch to the nose is like a bouquet of freshly-cut wildflowers, before drifting to aromas of caramelised fruits, honeyed lemon drops and tangerines. Smooth as pebbles in a pool when it trickles down the throat, the Scotland whisky is set to send taste buds tingles with a flavourful profile of ripe fruit, brown sugar and sweet malt. A spirit to definitely have around to get jiggy with in a company of lads and lassies.

Available at Absolute Liquor Store; 321 Geylang Road Singapore 389358

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