Long Chim At MBS Now Serving Weekend Brunch

Chef David Thompson’s Thai street food restaurant, Long Chim, launches weekend brunch menu at $60++ per person

By Nicole-Marie Ng


Long Chim, meaning “come and taste” in Thai, is a Thai street food serving concept by celebrity chef David Thompson. Known for his expertise in Thai cuisine, the Australian chef has earned a Michelin star for his restaurant, Nahm, in London — the first Thai restaurant to ever gain the award.

With Long Chim, Thompson moves away from fine dining to serve local favourites you would find in various regions in Thailand. However, it is hard to “come and taste” the entirety of Long Chim’s extensive menu as there are at least 50 dishes to choose from.

To get a taste of more items, why not opt for the restaurant’s new weekend brunch sharing menu instead?

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