Teppan Bar Q Adds A Spanish Twist To Traditional Teppanyaki

The flavours of Japan and Spain in one dish? Now, that’s something worth a try

Photo: Weekender

When chef Kyota Ishida fell in love with the gastronomic spoils of Spain, he did the only sensible thing he could, and that is to incorporate the country’s vibrant flavours into his culinary endeavours.

His foray has since birthed the relatively new Teppan Bar Q, located along Robertson Walk.

Don’t be fooled by its seemingly quiet facade; when night takes over, Teppan Bar Q comes alive with a cacophony of spirited crowds and clangs of griddle tools.

In true teppanyaki fashion, diners will be able to witness a spectacle of flying spatulas and fire-blazing meats from its on-duty chefs.

For those adventurous enough to try Chef Ishida’s Spanish twist on teppankyi food, go for its dinner course menu ($80) to sample the best of both worlds.

Here are five dishes from the set we love:

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1. Teppan Tapas

The starter  features a sake cup-filled Mozuku seaweed, marinated fried chicken bites, a spoonful of refreshing salmon and Hokkaido scallop tarte and tomato oden. Strategically, we started with the morsels of juicy chicken, before cleansing our palates with the tomato oden.

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