Restaurant Review: Indulge In All Things Korean At Seoul Yummy

The established restaurant introduces 30 new dishes and a brand new look

Since 2008, the quintessential Korean restaurant Seoul Yummy has been making a name for itself as Singapore's go-to casual restaurant for quintessential traditional Korean cuisine with a modern twist. In a span of ten years, the restaurant has opened eight outlets around the island, with the latest one at SingPost Centre recently opened in October.

With the new store and its decade milestone, Seoul Yummy has announced a menu revamp of 30 new dishes as well as brand new looks for their restaurants. We checked out the one SingPost Centre and picked out favourites from the playful dish names — many are inspired by K-drama shows and bands, so put on your K-pop trivia cap and see how many can you spot!

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2. Odeng Guk, $14.90

Reminiscent of the popular Japanese Oden, or Yong Tau Foo if you prefer a more local analogy, this dish comes with tofu ski, white radish, shiitake mushrooms, and an assortment of skewered fish cakes which are all imported from Korea. The fresh ingredients are then simmered in a simply umami, punchy bonito broth.

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