5 New Gastronomical Surprises At Adrift

The freshest seasonal produce paired with Japanese sensibility

Photos: Adrift by David Myers

If a restaurant is an extension of its chef’s personality, then Adrift is a timeless representation of David Myers as a global citizen and passionate soul.

In his newly launched menu, he continues to push the boundaries by drawing upon the unique flavours and ingredients discovered during his travels around the world, to create an exclusive collection of dining and drinking experiences.

One would be sorely mistaken to simply brand his contemporary dishes as fusion. Rather, there is a rhythm and flow to his selection of ingredients and the way they come together in harmony.

Seasonal flair

For instance, he takes advantage of produce seasonality from around the globe.

He says: “We can cherry pick the ripest tomatoes from California and the freshest fish from Japan and have them in our kitchen ready to serve the next day.”

What you get is a series of flavour forward, contemporary dishes inspired by Asia and prepared using fresh Californian produce.

Here are five dishes that stood out for us:

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Adrift Tomato Gazpacho 140616-1_jpg

1. California Tomato Gazpacho, $14

Perfect for a hot Summer’s day, the chilled California tomato broth comes with textural elements like cucumber jelly and unctuous burrata cheese. Expect to be pleasantly surprised by the shreds of zingy ginger strips swirled into the tangy broth.

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