Recipe: Thai Style Omelette By Asian Food Channel

Fluffy omelette with succulent shrimps that will excite your tastebuds with each bite!


- 4 eggs
- 6 shrimps (without shells and deveined, sliced into quarters)
- 1 Tbsp fish sauce
- 1 tsp white pepper
- 1 tsp white sugar
- ¾ cup vegetable oil
- 80 g round cabbage (sliced)
- 1 sprig coriander (roughly chopped)

Let's start cooking!

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Egg mixture with shrimps poured into hot pan

Step 3: Fry omelette

– In a pan on high heat, heat up vegetable oil for 4 to 5 minutes.
– Once oil is hot, gently pour in egg mixture.
– Let it fry for 3 to 5 minutes until crisp and brown on the edges.
– Oil needs to be hot in order to create a fluffy omelette. You can test if the oil is hot enough by dripping 1 tsp of egg mixture and it should be sizzling.

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