Recipe: Snowskin Mooncake By Asian Food Channel

Gift your loved ones with mooncakes that are handmade with love during the Mid-Autumn festivities


- 100 g glutinous rice flour
- 100 g cooked glutinous rice flour
- 90 g icing sugar
- 30 g shortening
- 150 ml cold water
- 4 pandan leaves
- Filling of your choice: Lotus paste, red bean or matcha (store-bought)


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Dough and filling being divided on chopping board

Step 2: Divide dough and filling

– Divide dough and filling, depending on the size of mooncake moulds. The ratio should be 1 part dough; 2 parts filling. More flavours are popping up, with brands offering tom yum, durian and even ice cream mooncakes! Feel free to get creative and experiment with different flavours.

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