Recipe: Pandan Banana Ice Cream By Martin Yan

This refreshing cold dessert with your favourite tropical flavours is perfect for the Singapore heat

Also, it takes less than an hour to prepare!


• 1.2 kilograms frozen ripe Bananas, halved
• 10 Pandan leaves, washed and cut into 3-inch strips
• 50 milliliters Water
• 8 tablespoons of toasted grated Coconut
• 10 pieces Peanut brittle, crushed medium fine


1. Use a Slow Juicer to juice the pandan leaves with the water.

2. Then put the frozen banana chunks into the frozen attachment of the slow juicer while pouring in the pandan juice with each banana, to combine both ingredients together.

3. To serve, fill the bottom of ice cream glasses with peanut brittle, then a scoop of banana ice cream, then a layer of peanut brittle and grated coconut, followed by another scoop of ice cream and garnished evenly with the toasted grated coconut and peanuts.

This recipe is provided by Asian Food Channel. For more recipes like this, visit their newly revamped website.