5 Ways To Buy The ‘Chun Cui He’ Taiwan Milk Tea

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Read this before you start flocking to all the 7-Eleven outlets in Singapore

Update: AVA has recalled popular Chun Cui He milk tea over unapproved food additive; no food safety risk to consumers.


As Pokemon Go fans in the States throng the vicinity of the White House in search of rare Pokemon, there’s another frenzied search of similar proportions in Singapore.

We’re talking about Chun Cui He, a Taiwanese brand of tea and coffee beverages.

While it made in debut in local 7-Eleven outlets only about two weeks ago, the demand for it has already gone through the roofs.

As of now, only two of the brand’s 10 flavours are available in Singapore, namely milk tea and latte.

The last we heard, these bottles have been swept off the shelves of most outlets.

To help you get your hands on a bottle or two, here’s our strategy:

Tip #1: Check this Facebook page for updates

chun cui he – Singapore is the official Facebook page for the coveted beverage and it posts updates on the stock status at various 7-Eleven outlets.

Fans also comment regularly on the posts to help one another track the whereabouts of the drink.

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