New Omakase Restaurant, FUKUI Opens in Singapore

Fukui, a hospitality-driven omakase concept, opened its doors at 25 Mohamed Sultan Road.

The restaurant exudes an aesthetic echoing the Japanese sensibility of simplicity and serenity. An interplay of light and dark, wood and stylish, natural elements run through the capacious interior that celebrates comfort and elegance. Further, offering diners a sanctuary from the usual city vibes that Singapore has. As soon as you step into the restaurant, it feels as though you have stepped into Japan.

Sisters and co-founders of Fukui, Eugenia Tan (right) and Emilia Tan (left)

Eugenia and Emilia Tan sisters are joined by veteran chef Nick Pa’an to present the storied culture and bounteous offerings of Japan, within modern interiors inspired by the comforts and tranquillity of a ryokan.

Head Chef Pa’an

Head Chef Pa’an has over 20 years of Japanese culinary experience. The craft and precision of Japanese cuisine were what attracted Nick. Ever since then he become a walking encyclopedia on Japanese fish varieties. Like how to prepare them and the different cooking styles to best bring out their potential. Well-versed in sashimi, grilling or nimono (stews), he is intrigued by the attention to detail and the seasonality of the cuisine, Nick is on a constant journey to discover new flavours.

At FUKUI, he presents a simple yet bold cuisine showcasing traditional cooking methods, the refined flavours of premium Japanese ingredients and his own modern twists.

He also specialises in sauces and sticks by a strict principle of making or mixing his own, from ponzu, shoyu to a luscious wagyu beef dipping sauce, to best accentuate each course. His sauces are one of a kind, you can’t get them anywhere else.

Expect ingredient-driven creations, from teasing the natural oils out of kanpachi (great amberjack) with warayaki (traditional straw fire cooking). All in full view of the patrons. There is also his two-year-old and growing anago (sea eel) sauce that accentuates the plump Hokkaido rice grains. It is an unlikely accompaniment of house-marinated garlic for his sushi courses.

The menu flows with the seasons, changing and incorporating Japanese produce at its peak every month.  Alongside is the evolving beverage list, with options running the gamut from coveted Japanese whiskies, wines and sake. The latter will include top breweries, such as Dassai and Juyondai. As well as lesser-known breweries from Fukui Prefecture. This includes the Kokuryu brewed with locally grown Gohyakumangoku rice grains.

A meal at FUKUI delivers exceptional quality and value. Lunch starts from S$88++ for six courses to S$158++ for seven-courses, and dinner starts from S$188++ for seven-courses to S$338++ for 13-courses.

FUKUI is located at 25 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 238969.