Meet Moosehead’s Hot New Chef And Menu

Moosehead’s new head chef, Seumas Smith, both looks good and cooks good

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Images: Courtesy of Moosehead

Chef Seumas Smith

Despite being 24 years of age, Chef Seumas Smith has already had stints cooking at 1 Michelin star Lords of the Manor and 2 Michelin star Dinner by Heston in the UK. The young Scot has been cooking in kitchens all over the world since he was 16 before finding himself in Singapore as Moosehead’s new head chef.

Smith could not be a better fit for the edgy bistro that just turned three this year. He’s breathed new life into the menu, retaining favourites like the grilled cauliflower to keep loyal customers happy, while adding dishes that fully make use of Moosehead’s Inka charcoal oven and fresh produce.

The best way to enjoy a meal at Moosehead is to order a variety of small and large plates to share, these are our picks on what to order.



1. Bone Marrow/Ortiz Anchovy/Garlic on Sourdough

Instead of plain old bread and butter, have a slice of sourdough bread topped with creamy nubs of bone marrow and salty bits of anchovy. We love how the bread is crisp when you first bite down and the loud, punchy flavours of the toppings and herbs hit you moments after.



2. Fried Artichoke/Ricotta/Pickled Lemon/Raddichio

You’ll find a lot of vegetarian options on Moosehead’s menu and the fried artichoke is one of the best. The lightly battered artichokes add a crunchy texture to the sweet and sour ricotta cheese and slices of pickled lemon.


3. Slow Cooked Pork Belly/Apple/Roast Turnips/Calvalo Nero

It’s hard to choose a favourite main when both the slow cooked pork belly and beef cheek were outstanding. Chef Smith marries sweet and savoury by serving the tender pork belly with a classic applesauce and roasted turnips.


4. 4 Hour Slow Cooked Beef Cheek/Celeriac/Wild Mushrooms

I guess if I really could only pick one thing to order at Moosehead, the honour would go to the slow cooked beef cheeks. The meat was so soft that I could cut a chunk with just a fork. The intense beefy flavours are thoroughly absorbed into the gravy, making each spoonful a rich, velvety delight.



5. Roasted White Pear/Citrus Yoghurt/Pistachio

End you meal on a sweet note that’s not too sweet. The seasonal white pears are blasted in the Inka oven till they caramelise, enhancing their natural sweetness. Paired with a tangy citrus yoghurt quenelle, this light dessert refreshes the palette while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Moosehead. 110 Telok Ayer St, 068579. Tel: 6636 8055.