Tantalising treats at 7-Eleven

Cheesy Mash & Sausages
Cheesy Mash & Sausages
Cheesy Mash & Sausages

Indulge in 7-Eleven’s newly-launched coin prata, creamy Chicken pie and cheesy mash and sausages, at any time

When the munchies hit or you’re in a rush, why not stop by at your neighbourhood 7-Eleven for a quick yet flavourful bite? You will quickly be satisfied by the range of ready-to-eat meals and quick bites.

7-Eleven carries a wide selection of ready-to-eat meals in its convenience stores such as its Cheesy Mash and Sausages which launched in May, Butter Chicken Biryani and Singapore Black Carrot Cake.

Other local delights available at 7-Eleven includes Soya Sauce Chicken Rice, Macaroni & Cheese and Sin Chow Bee Hoon. Choose from the Quick Bites selection for a quick and satisfying pick-me-up.

These delicious bites are vacuum-sealed to maintain their freshness and moisture level when heated. They also contain no MSG or preservatives.

Coin Prata with Curry Chicken
Coin Prata with Curry Chicken

New Additions

7-Eleven has added Coin Prata with Curry Chicken as well as Creamy Chicken Pie to the range. The Coin Prata with Curry Chicken ($2.90) or kerela parotta are convenient bite-sized pratas that are rolled up after being flattened in to a thin strip and then flattened again to make it look like bread with circular layers. After it’s cooked, the prata is beaten to make it soft.

If you need something wholesome and satisfying, the Creamy Chicken Pie ($3.30) hits the spot with soft succulent pieces of chicken in a rich cream sauce. The pies are individually packed and can be conveniently heated up in the microwave, in under a minute.

Offers Abound

For a limited time, from Aug 14, 2013 to Sep 10, 2013, three delicious treats from 7-Eleven will be offered at a discounted price.

The Coin Prata with Curry Chicken, the Cheesy Mash and Sausages (a snack with cocktail cheese sausages with creamy mashed potatoes and mozzarella cheese) and the Creamy Chicken Pie will be on sale at a promotional price of $2.60 each.

These products mentioned above are also halal and are available at any time of the day, whenever your cravings strike.

Try these easy coin pratas at your nearest 7-Eleven for a convenient and fulfilling meal. While stocks last.