Premium meat from a smoky grill

Four-meat showcase at Smokehouse
Four-meat showcase at Smokehouse
Four-meat showcase at Smokehouse

SmokeHouse Charcoal BBQ, the D-I-Y restaurant, will definitely leave you craving for more

By Brandon Era

Let’s just say that I’m not a huge fan of cooking my own food at restaurants, such as at D-I-Y grills and barbecues.

I don’t particularly enjoy them because, honestly, if I wanted to cook my own food, I would do it at home. However, I was pleasantly surprised this time.

Market & Eatery

The SmokeHouse Charcoal BBQ, a rather spacious shop located at Great World City, was my first in a long time eating at a D-I-Y restaurant or eatery. The place was decorated beautifully, with a nice comfortable setting and state-of-the-art grills to go with it.

The best part had to be the market. In essence, the market is where you buy everything and anything you want, and it’s really just like any supermarket, where you can buy your products to go. However, if you choose to dine in at the restaurant, a cover charge of $8 for lunch and $10 for dinner is applied, respectively.

A Slice of Heaven

With a wide range of cuts of meat, SmokeHouse boasts premium rare cut meat of Japanese Wagyu beef, aged and imported directly from Japan, such as the chuck flap and flank steak parts. The Chateaubriand had to be the best yet most expensive cut I’ve had to date.

It cost about $46 per 100g but the meat itself was heavenly. Even for someone as unskilled as myself in the kitchen, I was able to come up with a tasty dish.

Although, I must admit that the beef probably was the reason it tasted good and it had nothing to do with my culinary skills.

SmokeHouse also serves seafood, cooked food (such as grilled fish and roast beef) and a wide assortment of drinks, ranging from Shochu to soft drinks.

SmokeHouse Charcoal BBQ, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City, #01-37, Singapore 237994, Tel: 6235 2185