Caribbean Breeze

Lime House Carribean restaurant dining baby back ribs trinidad bbq sauce cuisine Singapore
Lime House Carribean restaurant dining baby back ribs trinidad bbq sauce cuisine Singapore
Baby Back Ribs with Trinidad BBQ Sauce

A unique Caribbean restaurant opens its doors on Jiak Chuan Road

By Cheryl Chia

Lime House is quite a sight to behold, housed in an old Peranakan shop house. This Caribbean joint introduces the laidback culture from Trinidad & Tobago – Liming.

“Liming”, the national pastime of all the Caribbean islands, simply means hanging out in a casual atmosphere at a beach,
bar, river or under a lime tree.

“I was born and bred in Trinidad & Tobago and some of my earliest memories are of liming with family and friends, listening to great music and enjoying the delicious food my mother would prepare. I wanted to bring that experience to Singapore,” Chris Morris, Lime House owner, explains.

Lime House LHA Jerk Chicken Carribean cuisine dining Singapore restaurant

Spice is Nice

The diverse menu has been created by Trinidadian chef Hasan DeFour. We loved the Baby Back Ribs with Trinidad BBQ Sauce ($24-$34, available in full or half-rack). The smoky and slightly sweet Trinidad barbeque sauce was a great condiment for ribs that were so soft that the meat fell off the bone.

The Jerk Chicken ($24) – originally a Jamaican dish – is piquant and had a spicy kick to it. Accompanied with a pillow of sweet potato puree, this is a great starter dish if you have not been exposed to Caribbean cuisine before.

Carribean restaurant cuisine dining lime house cocktail sample

Cocktail Breezers

No Caribbean meal is complete without rum-infused cocktails. To get the full liming experience, grab some of their potent cocktails such as the Lychee Ooh-la-la ($17), a refreshing white rum cocktail with mint leaves, and the Caribbean Life ($16) – dark rum with lime and orange juice.

Warning: these cocktails have a tendency to make you feel a little sleepy after a few rounds – perfect for unwinding after a tough day.

Sweet Endings

Try the Deconstructed Pina Colada ($12) – coconut custard topped with fresh pineapple and tart lime sorbet. Chocolate fiends will love their “Piton” Choc Cake ($12) which is essentially a molten chocolate cake paired with vanilla ice cream, almond flakes and spiced fruit compote.

All prices are excluding taxes. Lime House is closed on Mondays.

Lime House, 2 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore 089260, Tel: 6222 3130

Republished from Issue 43.