Crateful offers homegrown brands

Crateful, a local website offering a slew of local brands, serves up a mean juice and some tasty jams

Crateful, launching in October, is a local website that will be offering selected homegrown brands a chance to market their wares online. They have launched a pop up store in Crateful at 1M Yong Siak Street till the end of the year.

We look at some of their local, homegrown goodness.

From tea to jams, everything here is truly local flavoured

Pretty things come in tubes


One of the scatterings of things that first caught our eye was this test tube from a.muse. They brew their own tea in varying flavours and we particularly love this one. There is a great calmness that settles in after just one sip and it is wonderfully fragrant. We want more!

Breakfast will never be the same again

A new twist on the old

The jams pack a punch and they not only go with bread, but some are perfect with yoghurt. I personally love Nutteree’s offerings, an almond butter/ peanut butter jam that went perfectly onto a small cracker. Poppy&co serves up a great cookie butter too, it was delicious spread atop a slice of banana cake.

The extensive array of products offered at Crateful

Smoothies and juice, take your pick

Majority of the products offered at Crateful are juice cleansers and teas. We sampled a few and we definitely love blend&press’ wide range. We tried their peach almond apple chia oats smoothie and it was absolutely delish. What a surprise to find such a local gem right here!

Address: 1m Yong Siak Street


By Nicole Lee