Feast at Babette Restaurant

987FM DJ Darren Wee’s new restaurant Babette opens on Tyrwhitt Road

The hipster enclave of Jalan Besar sees a new addition in Babette at 987FM DJ Darren Wee’s restaurant in Park Sovereign Hotel.

DJ Towkay Darren Wee's new restaurant opens in the Park Sovereign Tyrwhitt
DJ Towkay Darren Wee’s new restaurant opens in the Park Sovereign Tyrwhitt

Babette is inspired by the 1980’s Danish film “Babette’s Feast” – a charming movie about how a good meal can right wrongs and how a good chef can transform a dinner into a love affair. This Babette restaurant at Park Sovereign Tyrwhitt Road serves a fusion of modern French cuisine and Japanese sensibilities.

East Meets West

The restaurant meal got off to a good start with the Grilled Octopus Salad ($17), Mediterranean octopus braised in the in-house Japanese sauce, and served with fresh garden greens. The octopus was fresh and chewy and went well with the slightly tart dressing.


Roasted Avocado

The Roasted Avocado ($12) is a healthier take on potato-skin. The flesh of the avocado is aburied and tossed with tomatoes before it is stuffed back into its skin before serving, resulting in a creamy dish with a slight smoky flavour. Mmm!

Sinful beer-snacks such as Bacon Tempura ($10) are great to share as well.

Rice Bowls and More

The donburis (rice bowls) at Babette restaurant are slightly hit-and-miss, as I felt some of the combinations didn’t really work well together. The Steak and Foie Gras Donburi ($28) is one of them. The rice in all the donburis are meant to be on the wetter side and the combination with the soft foie gras and chewy steak made us feel like we were eating a slightly gamey bibimbap.

Salmon & Soba
Confit Salmon and Soba

However, I did like the Duck Confit Donburi ($28). The duck leg is pan-seared to a crisp and served on rice with a side of pickles. The meat shredded quite easily, and the duck skin made for a sinful indulgence. If rice isn’t your thing, try the Confit Salmon and Soba ($17) instead.

The restaurant’s specialty, Matcha Lava Cake ($12) is also a must if you love green tea. The fondant cake oozes a thick, green tea liquid centre that I savoured with glee.

Babette, 165 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207569, Tel: 6341 7727

By Cheryl Chia