6 Highlights At The New Isetan Scotts Supermarket

Your one stop shop for authentic Japanese groceries and gourmet takeaways

By Samantha Francis

Isetan Scotts Supermarket 05

Isetan Scotts Supermarket has undergone a facelift, and is now bigger and better.

Isetan Scotts Supermarket holds a wealth of fond memories for me. As a kid, it was always a treat to trot about the aisles and sample morsels of food at the various stations. Growing up, it became my pit stop for Japanese takeaways and snacks.

As such, I was pleased to know that the supermarket has reopened with a brand new look. It now offers a clean design aesthetic that could be best described as a cross between a zen Japanese home and a luxurious open kitchen.

Its new ‘food theatre’ concept focuses on giving visitors a multi-sensory experience; from dine-ins to wide window panels.

Here are six new highlights worth checking out:

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P0406 Isetan_0718 - Kaku-Uchi Sake Bar

1. Kaku-Uchi Sake Bar

A sake bar nestled in the middle of the supermarket? Truly a dream come true. The Kaku-Uchi Sake Bar serves premium sake (glasses from $5) from various Japan prefectures, with a menu that changes every fortnight.

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