Smor has some tasty sandwiches

With healthy cafes being all the rage, it is no wonder Smor has their regulars already despite having opened only 6 weeks ago. We check out their best

I love sandwiches. It is convenient, tasty and completely portable. It was no surprise that I found Smor, a local Scandinavian Deli right at Raffles. Each of the ingredients in their offerings comes from different countries. They can be anything from Norwegian herring to Danish eggs. Curious yet?


We particularly love the the salmon sandwich, nothing beats it!

Hearty spread of offerings

We were pleasantly surprised by Smor’s selection. There are eight choices for the sandwiches alone and the list of beverages is quite extensive too – all with a taste of Scandinavian. My favourite would have to be the cold sandwiches Smoked Norwegian Salmon and Hand-Peeled Norwegian Shrimps. I should have gotten more servings!

Smor__two sandwiches

They are very generous with the shrimp toppings especially!

Nothing beats seafood

Their Smoked Norwegian Salmon is served with horseradish and topped with salmon roe. The bread is almost as soft as the salmon and the dash of dill-infused sweet mustard comes through in every bite – with the different flavours in the sandwich coming together delightfully. It is filling yet easy to want another.

The Hand-Peeled Norwegian Shrimps had the tangy touch of sour with the lemon elements. Oh, have I gushed about how picture perfect this is too? Look at the generous shrimps! Seafood is king.


Looking for healthier? Pumpkin is great for your skin!

Healthy is a hit

While I love the seafood sandwiches most, I must give credit to the Danish Butternut Pumpkin sandwich too. The melted Edam and apple compote added a much-needed crunch to the soft roasted pumpkin seeds.

Address: One Raffles Place, #B1-23, Singapore 048616

By Nicole Lee