Are you ready for some bed, brunch and bliss?

Is there anything better than waking up to food after a restful night? Get ready for some bed, brunch and bliss at edge

I am very indecisive in the morning. Sometimes I feel like Japanese, sometimes it is Thai, but most days it is French. That was probably the train of thought the person who came up with buffets had! Or maybe he/ she just wanted to see endless food in a beautiful setting; cue Edge.


The smoked salmon and smoked duck platters were one of the most popular

Sushi and sashimi in the morning

I like sashimi but prepared with a touch of Scot; smoked. It was absolutely indulgent to grab servings after servings of their smoked salmon and smoked duck offerings. I paired them with the eggs benedict (offered at the egg station) and with my own mix of salad and it was luxurious. The smoked salmon are deliciously fresh and generously cut.



Their selection of cheese is as varied as their selection of wine

Have your cheese and eat it too

There was a little counter where you could shave your own cheese. I tried my hand at it but their cheese sits ill with my stomach. I preferred the assortment of crackers they had, it went splendidly with the caviar they put out abundantly. The caviar was the way I liked it, a little too salty with the freshness intact.


Seafood can do no wrong

A smattering of seafood

The seafood selection was immaculately fresh and well presented. I am not a fan of seafood and passed on most of them so I am unable to offer judgement. However, I heard the table next to me talking about how they surprisingly preferred the clams over the lobster claw. I wonder why!


The wine tower was a hotspot for tourists taking a photo mid-brunch

Delightful wines for delightful times

There was an impressive selection of free-flow champagnes for all dining-in guests. I settled on one and wanted to sample the rest, but some of them did not complement the food well and I have to be honest – I prefer food over drinks any time.


Bed, Brunch & Bliss is a one-night staycation for two, complete with an indulgent Sunday Champagne Brunch to conclude the weekend on a sweet note. For more information go to–brunch—bliss.html

Address: Edge, Level 3, 7 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, 039595

By Nicole Lee


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