Don’t cry for meat, Bochinche

With its vibrant settings and louder-than-life decor, Bochinche is impossible to miss

Thinking of trying Argentina food? Now you can have a taste of Argentina, right here on our shores – and at a picture-perfect restaurant no less.

Not content with being famous for just their meats, Chef Diego of Bochinche gamely presents a refreshed menu. This new spin on their menu brims with creativity, offering an array of dishes that proudly showcase diverse produce and styles of cooking.


Lively ambiance to boot

Bochinche looks like a art studio meets hipster cafe. With their loud, expressive signboards and smart, punny pillow and chair cases, this place is easily one of the liveliest establishments I’ve been to in a while! The indoor seating was comfortably spaced and creatively designed, while the outdoor seating was toasty and laid-back.


Burger to rule them all

The Chimichurri burger immediately reminded me of the bubbly Mary Poppin’s Song, Chim Chim Cheree. The generous serving of burger lived up to the cheery mood the tune put me in, with its slightly sweet provolone cheese, crunchy bacon and well-seasoned egg coming together in a delicious bite. A special mention has to go to the lightly salted bun too.


Don’t cry for meat, Argentina

The Bife Ancho was a satisfactory serving of rib eye steak. The juicy 300g steak was unaccompanied by any sides and was sliced into five parts. It had a chewy, nice bite and was well-balanced. While it was slightly over-salted, it was still superb, carrying with it a very distinctive aftertaste.

I ordered one of their signature brunch cocktails, the Spicy Lolitha. It was, surprisingly, not as spicy as the name implied. But still, it was quite a harsh drink and did not go well with any of my mains. I look forward to trying their other cocktails!

#01-02 115 Amoy Street.