Healthier Drinks To Beat The Singapore Heat

Hydrating, healthier, but no less tasty

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In a perpetual state of summer in Singapore, it is not uncommon to find ourselves reaching for refreshing respite of an ice cold drink. With the easy access to cafes, convenience stores and supermarkets, we can get our hydrating fix without much hassle anytime of the day. But how do we pick the best beverage to replenish and recharge?

The next time you're thirsty, why not pick out one of these healthier options:

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Three Legs Cooling Water

A traditional Chinese health drink with over 60 years of heritage, the Three Legs Cooling Water is consumed by millions of people in South East Asia. And for good reason. The drink is very effective in reducing body heatiness, which correspondingly relieves heat stroke, constipation, pimples, acnes, ulcers, headaches, and other bothersome symptoms caused by excessive body heat. Three Legs Cooling Water does not contain salt, sugar, fat, preservative and chemicals.

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