#HawkerTreasures: 5 Dishes To Try At Yishun Park Hawker Centre

Look past Yishun's series of unfortunate events and you'll find a treasure trove of culinary goodies

Launched in September 2017, the Yishun Park Hawker Centre is Timbre Group's bid to keep the hawker spirit alive. From cashless payment made via a mobile app to automatic self-return tray stations, the food paradise is a recipe of modernity, enhanced by tech innovations that has lured both hawker veterans and young cooks to pursue their culinary endeavours in this space. There are now a total of 43 stalls at the food centre, and here are top five picks:

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2. Haak Tofu Rice Bowl ($5.50), Ah Lock Tofu Dian

Combining his grandma’s Hakka yong tau foo recipe and Hakka lei cha (thunder tea rice) together, 24-year-old Lee Lock Teng kickstarted Ah Lock Tofu Dian that offers a range of hearty tofu rice bowls. Inspired by the Japanese rice donburi, the young chef has reinterpreted it to take the form of Haak Tofu Rice Bowl, comprising seven ingredients of veggies such as seaweed, mani cai, long beans, alongside the stars of the bowl –  Hakka tofu and fried tau kwa stuffed with minced pork. A dollop of sambal mayonnaise finally adorns the ingredients that sit on a gentle hill of warm Japanese rice.

Unit no: 01-08
Opening Hours: 12pm to 2pm, 6pm to 9pm (weekdays); 12pm to 9pm (weekends), closed on Tuesdays

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