Which Of These Adorable Cat-Shaped Cakes Will You Pick?

Have your cat and eat it too

By Samantha Francis


Pick one or have them all.

The Japanese have nailed the art of making food that’s sublime and delicious, but also ridiculously good looking too.

Once a year, the Tokyu Hands outlet in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighbourhood holds the Neko Roji (Cat Alley) event. This event is best described as a cat lovers’ haven where visitors can gush over creative cat-themed accessories and interior knick knacks.

What makes it even more special this year is that confectioner Patisserie Swallowtail will be offering adorable kitty-shaped cakes at 500yen (approx $6) each.

Famed for its rotating lineup of animal and anime-themed sweets, the bakery will feature six Neko Roji cakes with each one modeled after a different type of cat and baked with different ingredients.

As Singapore is now home to two Tokyu Hands outlets, we can’t help but wonder when we’ll be having our own cat-themed festival!

Pardon us while we oogle at these cats and decide on our spirit animals…


1. Abyssinian (coffee and vanilla mousse)

This domestic short-haired breed loves living life to the fullest — he climbs higher, jumps farther and plays harder. Nothing escapes the notice of this highly intelligent and inquisitive cat, a quality that makes life with him both endlessly entertaining and continuously challenging.



2. Russian Blue (yogurt mousse and blueberry jam)

The silvery blue coat and brilliant green eyes of the Russian Blue draw immediate attention to this shorthaired breed. While the gentle cat has a somewhat shy nature around strangers, they are devoted to and affectionate with their loved ones.


3. Bengal (caramel mousse and white chocolate cream)

With his distinctive spotted coat and large size, the Bengal looks like a wild cat on the prowl. Nonetheless, he is domestic, highly active and super intelligent.



4. Scottish Fold (white chocolate mousse, chocolate cream, and almonds)

With adorable folded ears, Scottish Folds are smart and moderately active. They enjoy teaser toys that test their agility as well as puzzle toys to challenge their intelligence.



5. Black cat (chocolate mousse and caramel)

While black cats are sometimes considered harbingers of bad luck, many cultures and communities consider black cats tokens of good luck.


6. Tortoiseshell (cheese mouse and peach gelée)

Tortoiseshell cats are sometimes thought to be strong-willed and hot-tempered. Cat aficionados believe these feisty personality traits are linked to the unique pattern of the cat’s fur coat.