Halcyon & Crane: Paragon’s Sanctuary Of Modern Sichuan Flavours

Savour  the best moment of your day at this new all-day café and bar

Following the immense success of Birds of a Feather, Halcyon & Crane is the latest brainchild of their founder, who based the cafe’s name off two legendary birds in the Greek and Chinese mythology.  This happy blend of west and east extends from the eatery’s name to the food and drinks, down to its interior and aesthetics.

Apart from its propitious namesakes, Halcyon & Crane is inspired by Chengdu, the city in China’s southern Sichuan province where its owners hail from. It offers cuisine that is modern European, while seamlessly blending in touches of Sichuanese flavours.

Round the clock, the menu brings you café-style food and drinks that are well-curated and beautifully presented. Start the day right with the King’s Chicken Hash Benedict ($21), a moreish dish of English muffins topped with gong bao chicken, sous-vide egg and Cheddar cheese.

After 11:30am, the all-day dining menu takes centre stage with selections for the health-conscious and those looking for more substantial bites. To start your meal with a healthy salad, go for the Smoked Tuna Tataki Salad ($21)—tossed with a tantalising dressing of spicy red oil vinaigrette and citrus.

The Specialty Beef & Tomato Braised Rice ($28) is doused in a rich broth consisting with Angus brisket, spices and herbs over 16 hours, given a more wholesome touch with a mix of Kamut, buckwheat and barley grains. One of my favourite dishes and I’ll definitely be back for this one!

Tiramisu in a glass.

Enjoy a languid afternoon with luscious all-day desserts such as Avocado Cheesecake ($16), Coffee Cake ($14), Tiramisu in A Glass ($15), and Berries Trifle & Cheese ($15). The coffee programme made popular at Birds of A Feather continues to delight at Halcyon & Crane, with quality roasted grounds.

With its combination of sophisticated aesthetic and location, Halcyon & Crane is chic, yet sheltering — a spot to catch up with friends, dine with family, or simply take a break from shopping. It is welcoming as a nest; restoring as a song, and uplifting as wings—surely the best moment of your day.

290 Orchard Road, The Paragon #03-09, Singapore 238859