First Look: Say Chiizu Launches First Café In Singapore

Aside from the signature cheese toast, expect fries, chicken bites and cheese tea at the new abode

A month later and 100,000 cheese toasts were sold since Say Chiizu’s inception at 313 Somerset.

Fittingly, we say, seeing that the irresistible snack has stretched its cheesy goodness across the island with the launch of three more outlets, all geared up and ready to quell one’s cheese cravings. The brand has plans to open 10 outlets by the end of 2018.

But the pull factor doesn’t just stop there.

Sometime early March, Say Chiizu will open its first-ever café in Singapore, complete with a sitting area for customers to happily stretch themselves thin.

Located on level 4 of Bugis+, the Say Chiizu Café is almost impossible to miss with its cheery yellow colours calling out to visitors during their slow ascend up the mall’s escalator. Thankfully, the café is not entirely bedecked in hues of dizzy yellow instead, you’ll find handsome accents like rustic wooden seats and tables, blackened walls and even a vintage chesterfield couch tucked away in a corner. The kitchen, like the brand’s takeaway outlets, is an open concept, separated by transparent panes for you to kaypoh the cheese toasts’ cooking process.

With the launch of its first café, Say Chiizu will also offer new goodies, some exclusive to the establishment.

Sidenote: The Hokkaido cheese mix is only used for the signature toasts. “Very expensive,” jested Nat Ho, local personality and creative director of Say Chiizu, when asked whether the iconic stretchy cheese will be used with other food items.

For starters, Matcha Cheese Toast ($3.80) will soon join the ranks of the Original, Charcoal and Chocolate variations, where you’ll most likely chow down, or should we say stretch out, a green-touting toast, thanks to green tea powder that will be added into the bread and cheese.

Look out for the Super Long Fries ($5.80) that comes drizzled with two sauces – Wasabi Mayo sauce or Onion Mayo sauce. Further topped with melty parmesan cheese, the fries get their length from a special potato batter, where each fry is separately piped out before deep fried like how you would when making a churro. Patrons can also up the indulgence by adding the self-service seasonings of BBQ, Sweet Corn, Sour Cream, Seaweed and Original Cheese.

Other light bites include Chicken Mid Joints ($5.80) and Chicken Bites ($4.80), which you can opt for an additional topping of cheese at $2. Cheese balls and Chicken Skin are also in the pipeline.

To wash down all the cheesy indulgence, the café will be serving its Cheese Tea ($3.20), featuring Thai milk tea topped off with a unique cheese foam made of cream cheese and whipped cream.

Address: Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, #04-01, S188067
Operation hours: 10am to 10pm (Daily)