Feast Like A True Blue Singaporean: 9 Delicious Ways To Celebrate National Day

Rein in festivities through the joy of eating

Regardless of whether you’re up in the bleachers watching the National Day Parade or chilling at home with your Singaporean family, we all know being a foodie is something that binds all of us together. So here are 10 restaurants that are doing their bid to spotlight local flavours, creations and renditions to abet your gluttonous lifestyle:

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Photo: Le Binchotan 

1. Le Binchotan (Enjoy the food!)

While priding itself as a Japanese-French restaurant, Le Binchotan is as local as it comes under the reins of its Singaporean chef-owner Jeremmy Chiam. From 27 July to 31 August, the back alley restaurant is set to satiate your late night cravings with its fun Supper Special, featuring a trinity of locally inspired treats alongside its mainstays such as the food-gasmic Uni & Caviar and the suggestive but delicious beef-stuffed Edible Charcoal. The three in question are the Hokkien Mee ($18), Iberico pork collar skewers ($17) and cocktail Bubur Chacha ($16). The noodle dish may seem like a carbon copy of the local classic, but Le Binchotan’s version is more polished with yellow wheat noodles and white rice vermicelli cooked in a French seafood bisque of dried Japanese scallops, bacon and pork belly, before adorned with tiger prawns that are grilled over binchotan charcoal. Inspired by Chinese-style satay, the Iberico pork collar skewers also do a swell job of satisfying hunger pangs, where you’re set to tear through tender chunks of meat that have been heavily glazed in a spiced marination before charred over the grill. For imbibing, look to the confection cocktail of Bubur Chacha, featuring tapioca jelly chunks swimming in taro-infused vodka-laced blend of pandan syrup and coconut. The cocktail is available from 6pm onwards, while the supper dishes from 930pm.

 115 Amoy Street, #01-04, Singapore 069935

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