Famous Malaysian GO Noodle House Opens In Singapore

Malaysia's famous GO Noodle House restaurant chain opens its first outlet in Singapore.

Singaporeans always travel to Malaysia for good food because they have a bigger variety there and more importantly, the prices there are more affordable.

One famous place that Singaporeans would always visit when they are there is GO Noodle House. The restaurant chain sells 18,000 bowls of noodles a day and they are hoping to do the same in Singapore. Why are they so popular? Other than being an age-old family recipe, forty different fish bones are sourced regionally and sorted into one central pot for the broth. Just imagine how nutritious the broth can be!

They have recently opened their first outlet in Singapore, at 313 Somerset # B3-37 / 38.

Let us now take a look at what Go Noodle House has to offer:

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4. Homemade Pan Mee in Special Dark Sauce with Onsen Egg

This plate of noodles cost $8.90 each. If you think that it is too plain for you, you can have the option of adding bursting meatballs, pork balls or enoki mushrooms into your noodles as well.

All Pan Mee comes with separate servings of fried shallots, anchovies and minced pork.

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