Durian Pizza, Swiss Rolls & Cream Puffs From Marriott Cafe’s Durian High Tea Buffet

From unconventional renditions to the classics, enjoy the king of fruits in a plethora of tantalising variations

Photo: Marriott Cafe

Durian dreams do come true, thanks to Marriott Cafe's Durian High Tea Buffet (from $45).

The buffet extravaganza, which runs from now until 9 Aug, will feature well-loved durian desserts including cream puffs, Swiss rolls and cakes.

For the adventurous, there'll be quirky treats like durian crème brûlée tarts, fried durian balls and even durian pizza.

And if you ever require a short respite from these durian offerings, take all the time you need by tucking into the buffet's accompaniment local and international fare.

Here are five durian creations to try:

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5. Mini Durian Mousse in cups

For those who long for the true essence of the thorny king, Marriott Cafe may have just the treat for you with its Durian Mousse. Spoon a generous mouthful of pulpy durian mousse and let the mix of bittersweet flavours do the magic in your mouth.

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