#WeekendEats: Drench Your Burger In Cheddar Cheese At Common Chefs

Also try the Wazza (waffle + pizza) and spicy Mexican tacos

Photo: Common Chefs

In the north of Singapore lies a gem of cafe you might not know about yet.

Tucked away in Sembawang and hidden from prying eyes is Common Chefs, a cafe cum bakery which serves unpretentious, affordable and delicious comfort food inspired by both Western and Asian flavours.

Here are some dishes we loved:

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3. Soul Food, $12

Aptly named Soul Food, this dish of chicken and waffles is perfect anyone who loves a ‘lil grease.

Marinated with Asian aromatics, a massive and crispy Cajun fried chicken thigh is served alongside fluffy buttermilk waffles.

While the chicken thigh already has a slight tinge of sweetness, we recommend drizzling maple syrup on its crispy outer skin, before chomping it down together with the buttermilk waffles.

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