A special whisky as old as our nation

Are you a fan of whisky or do you like a nice drink from time to time? If so, you have to taste this fine single malt

The Cape of Unity, one of the limited edition designs which the Glenfiddich 50 Year Old comes in.
The Cape of Unity, one of the limited edition designs which the Glenfiddich 50 Year Old comes in.

“How many of you are younger than this whisky?” asked Matthew Fergusson-Stewart, Glenfiddich’s Regional Brand Ambassador for Southeast Asia, as unabashed faces grinned and hands shot up.

We were seated at Glenfiddich 1965, a whisky pairing dinner with celebrity chef, Janice Wong, to unveil the special Singapore Anniversary Edition 50 Year Old by Glenfiddich — the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky.


Fascinating Pairings

With multi-media windows transporting us to the rolling highlands of Scotland and local-inspired cuisine presented on an interactive dining table, it was a fascinating experience to behold, made better by the aged whiskies arriving in chronological succession.

Starting off with the 12 Year Old, a distinctively-fruity whisky whose smooth and mellow finish matched the rich umami of our deconstructed bak kut teh, we were soon swept off our feet with the creative pairings.

Our choice pick is the 21 Year Old, which is deliberately finished in Caribbean Rum Casks, leaving it with exotic notes of ginger, fig, lime and banana. The mature whisky exudes warmth from its tinge of spicy toffee and complemented the reduced toffee sauce in our dish of chicken confit and foie gras.


Finest 50-Year-Old

Finally came a special edition for discerning whisky drinkers only. The star of the night was a precious tasting portion of Glenfiddich’s 50 Year Old — 2ml for each of us, to be exact.

In a celebration of Singapore’s 50th anniversary, Glenfiddich has released this rare whisky in five limited edition bottles, at the hefty tag of £30,000 each.

Aged for as long as our nation’s independence, the 50 Year Old has a harmonious and vibrant aroma, hinting
subtly of rose petals and smoky oak. With a sweet and slightly zesty taste, the layered nuances of this mature single malt whisky make it one of the world’s finest.


Whisky Meets Art

The elaborate set-up at the tasting dinner of Glenfiddich 50 Year Old.
The elaborate set-up at the tasting dinner of Glenfiddich 50 Year Old.

What’s noteworthy is the limited edition design which the five bottles come in — a subtle integration of the Singapore Vanda Miss Joaquim and Scottish Thistle, homage to both nations’ cultures. Each bottle is also accompanied by a one-of-a-kind art piece by five locally-based artists.

I was especially drawn to the Cape of Unity, a whisky glorifier in the form of a majestic white cape, designed with the scale patterns of the Merlion. Combined with the classic antlers of Glenfiddich, this will surely be a standout centrepiece.


Whisky for Newbies

Single Malt: Whisky that is made from a single distillery (or whisky from fermented mash), and not blended with any other whisky.

Casks: The barrels or casks are critical to the taste and appearance of the final whisky; they impart characteristic tastes without dominating the whisky.

Age: The age of a whisky is determined by the length of time the youngest spirit in the blend has spent in oak casks.


By Samantha Francis


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