8 Unusual Cocktails in Singapore

Cocktails aren’t merely fancy drinks these days; they are almost art forms with innovation and creativity involved in their creation.

The cocktail scene in Singapore is gaining worldwide recognition, with mixologists stepping up their game with one-of-a-kind innovative cocktail creations that you won’t find anywhere else.

Start a conversation with any of these in hand and you can be sure you won’t be forgotten.

Foie Gras & apples ($25)


Before you grimace, strangely enough, this innovative concoction actually works. The foie gras is rendered with French apple brandy calvados in sous vide for four hours before fat-washing the calvados.

Grade B maple syrup is then added to the mixture to increase its intensity and bind the flavours together. Top it up with bourbon, angostura bitters, sugar-caramelised green apples and Sourz apple liqueur and you’ve got yourself a refreshing and meaty drink.

Bar Stories, 57A Haji Lane, Singapore 189250,Tel: 6298 0838

Gluttony ($23)


Who would have thought that our local tau huay dessert could have its day in a cocktail glass?

The sweet flavours of the famed Lao Ban bean curd pudding, butterscotch and kaya frame this concoction, enveloping it with vodka and notes of hazelnut. All in all, it is a well put-together drink or, should I say, dessert.

Jekyll & Hyde, 49 Tras Street, Singapore 078988, Tel: 6222 3349

The Dirtiest Martini ($24)


Adding a complex mix of flavours to the usual dirty martini, The Dirtiest Martini is best complemented with a meat dish.

Inspired by food pairing, this rich and hearty cocktail was created by steepingrosemary and thyme into Distillery 209 gin before infusing in natural beef jus.

Dry Mancino Bianco Vermouth is then added into the mixture and finished with a drizzle of lemon oil.

B Bar at Bacchanalia, 23A Coleman Street, Singapore 179806, Tel: 6509 1453

Fiery Empress ($22)


Not for the faint of heart, this fiery cocktail means business. A potent mix of chilli padi, curry leaves and Patron silver tequila, the Fiery Empress was created with the notion of reinvigorating one’s senses.

At first sip, you’ll be able to take in gentle aromas of curry before the warmth of the swirling liquid envelopes your taste buds. This is one hottie you won’t forget.

LE Restaurant and Asian Tapas Bar, Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-314, Singapore 038983, Tel: 6338 8775

Horse’s Mouth Bloody Mary ($28)


This beefy cocktail took six months to perfect. Steeping beef fat into Ketel One vodka, the homemade Kagoshima wagyu fat- washed vodka combined with English smoked vodka and French cherry tomatoes makes this the epitome of a savoury drink.

Quite a meal in itself, Horse’s Mouth Bloody Mary is much akin to a hearty beef stew. Now, who’s up for a liquid diet?

The Horse’s Mouth, Forum the Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road, Singapore 238884, Tel: 6235 1088

Caviar Motini ($1,888)


You might just catch your breath even before you get a whiff of this baby. Priced at a stunning $1,888, the Caviar Motini was created with luxury in mind — offering an indulgent departure from traditional cocktails.

Consisting of unusual ingredients such as black vodka, dry vermouth, lime juice and olives stuffed with Beluga, this unique cocktail is served with (yes, more) caviar — Iranian Beluga too, all 30g of it. I guess there’s never a thing as too much caviar.

Axis Bar and Lounge, Mandarin Oriental, 5 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039797, Tel: 6885 3500

The Jewel of Pangaea ($32,000)


The ultimate representation of the opulent Pangaea lifestyle can be found in this aptly-named cocktail, the Jewel of Pangaea.

Costing a wallet-burning 32 grand, the Jewel of Pangaea is notably the most expensive cocktail in Asia.

Exclusively created by award-winning mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong, it contains premium ingredients such as Richard Hennessy cognac specially infused with edible gold flakes, a hickory smoke-infused raw sugar cube with Jerry Bitters and 1985 vintage Krug champagne, garnished with a one-karat Mouawad triple-X flawless diamond — bringing a whole new level to “on the rocks”. Pangaea, Marina Bay Sands, 2

Bayfront Avenue, Crystal Pavilion South, #B2-05, Singapore 018972, Tel: 8611 7013

Bloody Maria-San ($24)


At first sip, robust notes of kimchi will hit you hard before gradually growing on you. Combining Don Julio tequila with fresh lemon, celery and cherry tomatoes, kimchi sauce is then stirred in with a hint of white vinegar to enhance the flavours of umami.

Sip this with a dash of homemade celery salt on the rim — this rendition of Bloody Mary will have you screaming for more.

Catalunya Bar, The Fullerton Pavilion, 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327, Tel: 6534 0886