6 Spooky Cocktails To Try This Halloween

Photos: Cointreau

With the help of six bartenders, original French liqueur Cointreau has come up with six spine-chilling cocktails this Halloween season. We track them down and share the taste and inspiration of each one.

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5. Dolly The Doll by Symphony Loo, Neon Pigeon

Movie Inspiration: Annabelle

A perfect gift from a husband, to his expectant wife, turns into a nightmare when devil worshippers invade their home – turning the former object of beauty into something of pure evil.


“It was Annabelle that revived the fear of dolls that we had as children,” Symphony on the inspiration behind her cocktail. With Annabelle in mind, she created her cocktail to have refreshing, childish flavours reminiscent of lollipops and candy, and yet still have a refreshing, slightly acidic touch.

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