Star cocktail creations you should try

Promising local bartending talents share the stories behind their star creations


After being put through rounds of challenges, the five bartenders who will represent Singapore in the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition in April 2016 have been chosen.

To attain a coveted spot, each finalist had to create a drink that could improve upon the classic Mojito or Daiquiri. They were also assessed on how well they promoted their drinks over a month-long period.

We managed to sample their creations and here’s our verdict.

Incorporating cultural influences into alcohol

Inspired by the Korean summer dessert Hwa Chae, Korean bartender Bannie Kang’s concoction, which takes on the dessert’s name, is similarly refreshing.

Mixed with fresh pineapple, lemon juice and watermelon, the drink’s summer flavours worked hand in hand with the beer, resulting in a tasty cocktail that had just a slight hint of bitterness.

Sweet yet preserving the distinctive nutty taste of Bacardi, Hwa Chae is a symphony for the tastebuds.


Hwa Chae by Bannie Kang.

Tanggero, the cocktail creation by Adonis Reyes of Bread Street Kitchen, is infused with mango liqueur, fresh lime juice and lemongrass syrup.

Adonis adds that extra oomph to his cocktail by mixing chilli and salt into his drink, combining tropical notes with a spicy finish.

The recipe is largely influenced by his teenage years in the Philippines — inspired by the times he stole mangoes, infused it into his liquor and garnished the drink with the two condiments.

Stuart Danker of Sugarhall presented Legado Rosa, which was a delightful cocktail with well-balanced flavours of passion fruit syrup and white rum.

Stuart was inspired to use passion fruit syrup as his grandmother used to grow passion fruit trees. As such, the cocktail was crafted to pay tribute to her resilience.

Unique ingredients

The other two cocktails by Sin Kim Shin and Satoshi Iwai from Jigger and Pony and Orgo respectively, left a deep impression on me due to the unique ingredients used.


Butterfly Effect by Sin Kim Shin.

Butterfly Effect by Sin Kim Shin was light and aromatic, with the dash of absinthe in the cocktail giving it an potent kick.

The cocktail delivered a zesty yet soothing after taste, yielded by fresh lemon juice and dried lavender seeds.

On the other hand, Satoshi Iwai’s La Felicidad was strong yet rejuvenating.

It was a citrusy medley of limoncello, lemon juice and fresh grapefruit juice, topped with teapot bitters that rendered a subtle tea aroma.

The cocktails are available at Anti: dote, Bread Street Kitchen, Sugarhall, Jigger and Pony, and Orgo.

Prices unavailable at time of publication.

By Natalie Kwan