Cin Cin, A Gin Lover’s Secret Haven

The bar offers a well-stocked collection of boutique gins and gin-inspired cocktails

Photos: Cin Cin

At Cin Cin, toast to a drink of its namesake. It comes with Togarashi Infused Lillet Blanc, Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit Bitters and more.

Fans of fine gin will be pleased to clink their glasses at the newly opened Cin Cin, a new drinking spot nestled at Oasia Hotel in the heart of CBD.

Priding itself as a gin lover’s haven, the bar offers a well-stocked collection of boutique gins and gin-inspired cocktails. Plus, it offers more than 500 ways for visitors to customise their own Gin & Tonics or Martinis.


With close to 100 different labels of gin sourced from around the world, the options are endlessly fascinating. Visitors are encouraged to discover for themselves, which gin best suits their taste buds, through interacting with the knowledgeable bartenders.

Well-loved favourites include the Gin Del Professore Madame ($17 per glass); a premium gin produced in batches of less than 3,000 bottles each time and composed of only berries that are picked in Italy.

It displays aromas from a complex blend of botanicals like juniper, lemon, orange and turmeric.

Those who fancy something a little unusual can try the Corsair Steampunk Gin ($22 per glass), which is a pot distilled American gin, made by distilling a mixture of traditional gin botanicals, smoked grain and hops.

100 Peck Seah Street.