It’s A Seafood Galore At Kopi Tiam

For one month only, Kopi Tiam at Swissôtel The Stamford will serve a special Seafood Galore

By Nicole-Marie Ng

After the success of their All-Star Crab Feast, Kopi Tiam is back again with a tantalising Seafood Galore. Satisfy your seafood cravings with an assortment of dishes prepared Singapore-style.

From now to Jun 6, Kopi Tiam will be serving siz exclusive seafood dishes, bringing the freshest ocean catches directly from the sea to your plate.

Here are our picks on the ones you definitely should try:

Soon Hock

Soon Hock, $10 per 100g

Deep fried marble goby fish, colloquially known as soon hock, is a commonly dish found in Chinese restaurants in Singapore.

What sets Kopi Tiam’s version apart is the meaty and succulent fish that is crispy on the outside but still moist in the middle.


Chilli Mussels

Chilli Mussels, $24

Out of all the shellfish dishes, I liked the Chilli Mussels best. The use of Australian blue mussels makes this rendition different from the chilli mussel dishes found at a hawker centre.

The delicate flesh of the Australian blue mussel easily slides down the throat, making me reach for mussel after mussel because they’re just so pleasant to eat.

Black Grouper

Black Grouper, $9 for 100g

Move over chilli crab, this steamed black grouper in chilli sauce is here to steal the show!

The piquant chilli and fermented bean sauce add some zing to the meaty grouper, balancing the richness of the fish with the addition of orange juice and spices.


Chinese Herbal Prawns

Chinese Herbal Prawns, $24

No seafood galore would be complete without some prawns. The Chinese Herbal Prawns fully absorbed the rich aroma of Chinese wine and various herbs.

The prawns used here are also huge, retaining its taste and texture despite imparting its sweetness to the herbal broth.
Seafood Galore at Kopi Tiam. Level 2, Swissôtel The Stamford. Tel: +65 6431 6156. Available from May 7 to Jun 6, 2016.