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Mid-Autumn festival is upon us once again. Here are the offerings for this year

The Mid-Autumn festival is quickly approaching.  Plan your gifts and goodies a month ahead for the best options. Here are a few for your consideration



This year, Bakerzin features the Bliss ($60 for eight) and Lush ($52 for eight) collections. These delicious assortments are infused with alcohol such as whisky, champagne, Frangelico, and Grand Marnier. Fruity flavours such as strawberries, yuzu, pomelo, mango, and lychee are also sold. They are available from Jul 8 to Sep 8.

Visit www.bakerzin.com

Carlton Hotel


New Snowskin Mooncakes - [L to R] Mini Mao Shan Wang Durian, Mini Red Velvet, Mini Cempedak & Pineapple

Red Velvet Mooncakes ($58 for eight)? Yes, please! Attention Red Velvet lovers… The sweet and smooth cream cheese paste envelopes the crunchy royalties within the handcrafted snow-skin. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Also sold is the Mini Cempedak and Pineapple ($60 for eight) snow-skin mooncake. Available July 21 to September 8.

Carlton Hotel Singapore, Lobby, 76 Bras Basah Road from Aug 4 to Sep 8, 11am – 9pm, Singapore 189558

Cherry Garden

Oriental mooncake with silver lotus paste, yuzu and melon seeds 1

This year, Cherry Garden introduces the Oriental Mooncake with Silver Lotus Paste, Yuzu and Melon Seeds, a luscious pairing of enticing lotus paste, and mellow citrus fragrance accompanied with the crunchy texture of the aromatic melon seeds. Available Aug 1 to Sep 8.

E-mail mosin-mooncakes@mohg.com for orders and enquiries.

Jiang-nan Chun


Fancy a savoury mooncake? Perhaps you might find one you enjoy at Jiang-nan Chun. The assorted nuts with kaffir lime and BBQ chicken ($65 for four)in a baked mooncake with ingredients that deliver a savoury piquancy with subtle sweetness from the pastry shell. Available Aug 7 to Sep 8.

E-mail jnc.sin@fourseasons.com for orders and enquiries.

Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel Black Thorn Durian Mooncake

Durian lovers can look forward to the newest mooncake from Goodwood Park Hotel: the Black Thorn Durian Snowskin Mooncake ($48-$80). This is a relatively new breed of durian discovered only a few years ago. It boasts creamy amber flesh and possesses an intense bitter-sweet flavour.  Available Jul 25 to Sep 8.

Call 6730 1867/1868 from 9am to 7pm (Mondays to Fridays) and 9am to 1pm (Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays) to order.

Man Fu Yuan

InterContinental Singapore Shanghai Mooncake with Single Yolk

For a non-traditional mooncake, try the Shanghai Mooncake ($30 – $57) with single yolk or mixed nuts. This new variant from Man Fu Yuan features a flaky buttery pastry skin for a light and crunchier texture, similar to the tau sar piah. Available July 9 to September 8.

Visit singapore.intercontinental.com/mooncakes  

Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Golden Treasures

The Teochew Mooncake is another level of sinfulness altogether. Golden fried with a flaky crust, the new Golden Pumpkin with Mung Beans and Single Yolk ($62 to $68) is incredible. The rich flavours with the salted egg yolk core make this a decadent treat for the season. The traditional mooncake filled with yam paste is also sold. Available July 7 to September 8.

E-mail mooncake@parkhotelgroup.com for orders and enquiries.

Raffles Hotel

Snow-Skin Tropical Tango  Mooncake

Apart from the much-awaited Champagne Truffle mooncakes every year, Raffles Hotel’s new offerings include the Snowskin Tropical Mango Tango Mooncake ($64 for eight), which is a blend of mango, passion fruit, and pineapple encased in a white chocolate shell. They also have the Snowskin Irish Coffee Truffle Mooncake ($64 for eight), which has Irish Whisky and chocolate with the creamy coffee liqueur centre within a smooth praline core. Available Jul 18 to Sep 8.

Visit www.rafflesmooncake.com

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

Traditional Baked Yellow Lotus Seed Paste with Cranberries and Hazelnuts

Traditionalists will like this baked Yellow Lotus Seed Paste with Cranberry and Hazelnut mooncake ($63 for four). Its fragrant yellow lotus seed paste is imbued with the tart-sweetness of the cranberries and complemented with the crunch of hazelnuts. Available Aug 6 to Sep 8.

E-mail mooncake@sheratonsingapore.com for enquiries.

Yan Ting

Chocolate Royal Liqueur Truffle

The newest creation from Yan Ting is the Chocolate Royal Liqueur Truffle ($70 for eight). Chocolate lovers will fall for the dark richness and the bittersweet aroma of the chocolate paste while the truffle, which breaks open to reveal heady smells of liquor. Available Aug 1 to Sep 8.

Visit yantingrestaurant.com/midautumn


TWG Tea Traditional Mooncake - Red Lantern Tea Collection (3)

Have an illuminating mid-autumn festival with the Red Lantern traditional mooncakes ($60 for four) from TWG. Wrapped in a baked golden-brown crust, the combination of mixed almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia, and pecans nestled within smooth lotus paste and infused with an uplifting combination of jasmine, exotic fruits, and sweet spices of TWG’s Red Lantern Tea. Available from Aug 7 to Sep 8.

All TWG Tea locations in Singapore




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