Cherry Garden wows with 25 kg pen cai

Usher in a prosperous Lunar New Year! Raise your chopsticks and marvel at the luxurious pen cai from Cherry Garden

Prosperity Yu Sheng

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]e it a joyous family reunion or celebration with friends, Cherry Garden offers the festive setting for a memorable dining experience. Mark an auspicious beginning to the year with the magnificent Cherry Garden Treasure Pot, and indulge in traditional Yu Sheng, handmade delicacies as well as signature set menus.

A reunion dinner staple

Gather loved ones and business associates for the time-honoured tradition of tossing Yu Sheng, and bask in the joyous Weekend Family Brunch while enjoying an abundance of delicate dim sum, roasted meats and seafood, as well as delectable soups and desserts.

We started our lunch with the trademark Prosperity Yu Sheng, with salmon and cirpsy fish skin. The fried vermicelli lends a crunchy texture to this usually soft dish. Crispy fried fish skin and salmon slices add their dash of color and flavour, with olive oil and spring onion green sauce bringing their touch of sweetness to the dish.

Cherry Garden Luxurious Pen Cai


Size of a turntable

Yes, you are seeing it right. This is Cherry Garden’s Luxurious Pen Cai – Singapore’s largest traditional ‘basin dish’, weighing more than 25 kilogrammes and measuring up to 45 centimetres in diameter.

Overflowing with an abundance of fortune, the pot is filled to the brim with superior ingredients, such as braised eight-head abalone, lobsters, scallops, sea cucumbers, prawns, dried oyster rolls, conpoy, dace fillet, roasted duck, soy chicken, crispy pork belly, waxed sausages, mushrooms, cabbage as well as black moss to represent a year of endless wealth and prosperity.

[quote] Cherry Garden’s Luxurious Pen Cai – Singapore’s largest traditional ‘basin dish’, weighs more than 25 kilogrammes and measures up to 45 centimetres in diameter.[/quote]


Green Tea Mochi


For the matcha lovers

Are you a fan of muah chee? If you are, you will love the dessert! A simple, muah chee-like ball encases macedemia nuts and chewy delight inside. Paired with the refreshingly warm snow fungus soup and topped off with a single serving of the handmade nian gao, Cherry Garden provided a sweet end to a fulfilling meal.

By Nicole Lee

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