Asian Yam Gnocchi, Fried Chicken Pancakes And Unagi Eggs Benedict: 7 Eateries That Do Brunch With A Twist

Jazz up your regular eggs benny and waffles at these places

We love a good brunch. More than just the combination of breakfast plus lunch, brunch is a social event. It’s an ingenious invention that makes getting up late on the weekends OK. It’s quaint bistro backdrops against totally Insta-worthy avocado toasts, granola bowls, unagi eggs benedict, and-

Wait, hold up. Did we say unagi eggs benedict?

That’s right – throw all your conceptions of the traditional eggs benny and croissants out the floor-to-ceiling window, and make way for more hearty, fusion and exotic dishes that will satisfy both your sweet and savoury cravings in one. You’ll never think of brunch the same way again after trying these seven cafes and restaurants:

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7. Nickeldime River Valley

We expected only great things from a restaurant helmed by Chef Tim Ashwood, whose culinary credits include multiple award-winning cafés in Melbourne and a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris. Even so, we were still blown away when we sampled the new weekend brunch at Nickeldime River Valley. Not only did this neighbourhood bistro wash our week’s worth of worries away at the laid-back al fresco area, but our taste buds were also singing with praises for their innovative dishes. One look at the Eggs Florentine ($16), with beautifully poached eggs, leafy sauteed spinach and thick cuts of homemade sourdough bread, and we were ready to call it a perfect classic breakfast dish. But a classic eggs benny it is not, because the bistro baptised the eggy makeup with creamy hollandaise sauce that is unexpectedly spiked with – get this – the essence of blood orange for a zesty twist! Chef Tim Ashwood’s French influences also show in another zesty creation, the Spiked Orange French Toast ($18), served with chocolate ganache and drunken oranges. Paired with the sweet Bircher Muesli ($15) and Homemade Granola served with cinnamon milk ($16), all freshly made, the explosion of flavours had us sliding into the weekend on a high note.

The weekend brunch is served from 10am to 4pm, alongside their regular lunch menu.


8 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 238958

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