How 8 Chinese New Year Foods Became Symbols Of Prosperity

It's time to be well-versed with the auspicious meanings of the season

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Food for thought?

The best way to leave your relatives beaming with pride at your next Chinese New Year gathering, is to actually know the auspicious meanings behind the various festive foods.

Whether it's crunchy egg rolls or a full-fledged feast in the form of a pen cai, these items are backed by rich cultural traditions that have bestowed them with lucky symbolisms.

Eat your fill and luck out!

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2. Longevity noodles for happiness and longevity

With a tradition dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907), the idea of longevity noodles symbolises the eater’s long life when eaten at one’s birthday or Chinese New Year. Unsevered and longer than usual, these noodles celebrates the hard work put into a life well lived. Whether fried and served on a plate or boiled and served in a bowl of broth, these noodles make a hearty festive treat.

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