7 Fabulous Sandwich Joints In Singapore

Sandwiches are the best go-to meals

Sandwiches sometimes get a bad reputation of being a boring food option. Competing with fancy salads and creative lunch bentos, sandwiches may seem to lack that culinary appeal. These 7 places will make you change your mind - they have created sandwiches that infuse a variety of flavours to spoil you for choices. The 4th Earl of Sandwich probably did not have a clue how far a his idea of stuffing meat between bread would go when he created the very first sandwich.

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6. Sandwich Saigon

Sandwich Saigon as the name suggests brings Vietnamese influence to sandwiches. With a wide range of sandwiches, you’re sure to find one that suits your palate. The Saigon special that comes with pork belly and ham on a viet roll is a definite winner! Other popular sandwiches include their pork meatball and roasted beef sandwiches.


93 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428792

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