6 Highlights Of Singapore’s First Gudetama Cafe

We're not egg-aggerating, this is the cutest character cafe we've seen so far

Photos: Weekender

It's no wonder Gudetama's the talk of the town. Lazy, happy-go-lucky and with a blasé attitude towards life, the egg-shaped Sanrio character resonates with our inner child.

Shortly after the launch of a Gudetama-themed flight by Eva Air, fans of the lazy egg will have another opening to look forward to.

Come 30 Nov, Singapore's very first Gudetama Cafe will be opening its doors.

The cafe collaboration between homegrown brands Joe & Dough and The Soup Spoon, will feature a menu that's been co-created with bento artist Little Miss Bento.

Diners can expect savoury mains, brunch items and desserts — all decked out with the character himself.

We took a spin around the cafe and here's our verdict:

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2. These egg pods

Primed to be the hottest seats in the house, these four egg-shaped pods under the waffle lights feature the lazy egg character in various animated poses. We reckon he’s so perky only because he’s had ample sleep.

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