6 Delicious Creations For Our Nation’s Birthday

Here’s how restaurants, cafes and bakeries are welcoming SG51

Raise your hands if you recall how last year’s exciting SG50 celebrations infiltrated into all aspects of our lives — even fish cakes weren’t spared.

Thankfully, less eclectic creations are popping up this year. What you’ll find, are savoury dishes and desserts recreated with locally-inspired flavours.

Some are photogenic, some hint at nostalgic, but all of em’ are immensely delicious.

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JD SG51 Cakes 1

1. Old School Buttercream Cakes

Walk down memory lane with Joe & Dough’s Old School Buttercream Cakes, which are inspired by the buttercream cakes made by local confectionaries of the 60s.

Made with GSH Conserves jams, the cakes ($4.20 each) are available in two flavours: Mango Lime and Dragonfruit Lychee.

Available from 1 to 3 Aug at all Joe & Dough outlets.

Diners can also enjoy the Old School Tea Set Promotion ($6.50), where the buttercream cakes are paired with any premium tea from Joe & Dough’s CHA fine Tea Range.

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