5 Finger-licking Good Dishes To Makan At Fang Jia Seafood Kitchen

Started by the guys behind Cucina Italian, the new zichar stall offers value-for-money eats

Photos: Weekender

Unlike what its name suggests, Fang Jia Seafood Kitchen isn’t so much a full-fledged restaurant as a hidden gem of a zichar stall, tucked away in an industrial building’s canteen.

Don’t let its unassuming appearance fool you though, the newly-opened stall is operated by the same people behind the successful Cucina Italian restaurant chain.

Known for their simple, comfort-food focused Italian dishes, the group’s foray into the tricky genre of zichar cuisine could be considered a pretty brave move.

That said, they offer well-loved zichar dishes made with fresh ingredients, and the effort shows.

While there were hits and misses — don’t bother ordering the rather bland-tasting Prawn Paste Chicken; the majority of the dishes were tasty.

Here are five dishes we loved:

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1. House-style Braised Tofu, $18

Highly recommended by the chef himself, the House-style Braised Tofu has lightly textured skin that breaks to reveal soft insides. Drenched in minced meat sauce that wasn’t too starchy, the dish had a wonderful savoury flavour to it.

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